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Your Power Batting Assistant

1. Train & Bat like a PRO: Analyse, understand, review, and improve your batting technique with the PowerBat sensor.

2. Power Packed Performance: Transform your regular cricket bat into a PowerBat with the Spektacom's PowerSticker to get highly accurate real-time analytics on every shot you play!

3. Enhanced Analysis: Capture video and data for ball-by-ball analysis, enhance batting experience with advanced contextual insights on your technique, and remotely share the session data with your friends and coach.

4 Easy to Use: Bluetooth connectivity to the mobile app, no calibration, seamless wireless charging, & instant app connectivity.

5. Fuss Free Design: Smallest, thinnest, and ultra-lightweight form factor. You won’t feel it, but value the insights from it.

6. Recommended For: Aspiring cricketers, parents of cricketers, coaches, and coaching academies.

"Spektacom PowerBat technology allows me to understand my game better and be consistent in my performance." - Smriti Mandhana, ICC Women's T20 Player of the Year 2021

How does it help me?

Aspiring cricketer: It enhances your skills and gives you a unique competitive edge over others, while bridging the gap between reality and your cricket aspirations.

Parent of a cricketer: It helps you to keep a tab of your kid’s batting performance.

Cricket coach: It helps you set data-driven coaching plans. It allows you to expand your practice beyond the coaching academy by remotely monitoring and analysing your student’s performance.

What is PowerBat Sensor?

Spektacom’s PowerBat sensor is an ultra-lightweight compact sensor sticker (PowerSticker) that is placed on the back of your cricket bat to get real time feedback on your batting performance. 

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What does PowerBat measure?

It measures what you need to improve your batting skills. Some of the metrics include

  • Bat Speed (km/hr) – analyse shot effectiveness
  • Timing (%) – analyse shot efficiency
  • Bat Twist in hand (°) – analyse bat grip and timing
  • Power (Spek – proprietary unit) – analyse the power required
  • Backlift Angle (°) – analyse your swing consistency
  • Downswing Angle (°) – analyse to adjust your bat speed
  • Bat Launch Angle (°) – analyse your ball trajectory
  • Follow-through Angle (°) – analyse your body movements

How to setup PowerBat? 

How to play with PowerBat Sensor?

Open your PowerBat app, create a session and connect with your PowerSticker through Bluetooth. Now place the phone nearby your batting area. Viola! You are all set to take your skills to the next level.

PowerBat App Subscription:

There are 2 subscription options available for the users

  1. Free plan includes basic parameters and video recording with data
  2. PRO (paid) plan includes all free plan features + Live swing profile data + Ball impact analysis + Ball by Ball analysis.

Contents in the box - What you get?

1 PowerSticker, 1 Stencil, 1 Wireless Charger & Cable, 1 User Manual

PowerBat Sensor is highly durable and comes with a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.

Product Comparison:

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    Special Offer for Pre-Launch Users:

    All pre-launch users will get

    1. A free wireless charger

    2. One year PRO plan worth Rs. 2999/- for Free (activated within 48 hours after sticker registration in the app)

    Please email to or SMS/WhatsApp to +91 81231 62541, if you have any queries.